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Hi My Names Carianne the  Founder and CEO of Cleaners2u

Starting up my own business, especially on an independent venture, for me, was extremely out my comfort zone and I knew it was not as easy as it sounds but I was determined to make it is a success no matter what challenges were ahead. 

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My Story

When Covid hit it was a devasting time for the entire UK population and left many in a precarious place financially, emotionally, but for me felt even more unnerving as my current work contract was ending and the likelihood of finding alternative work was proving tricky. I spent hours filtering what jobs were best suited for remote working from home but to no avail. This left me with feeling of low self-esteem and desperate. I felt like there should be something more that I can do — both for myself and for my children. 

I knew I had to take this opportunity to generate a new business to provide a more stable, better work life balance and financial security for my family. I never wanted the feeling of dread of another work contract ending and being venerable again. That is when Cleaners2u was born, and I could not be prouder. has become quickly become one of the most successful, dynamic, and professional cleaning companies in Sussex. If someone were to tell me 4 years ago, I would be running a successful cleaning business, leading an incredible team of passionate likeminded individuals helping other people that have found themselves in similar positions I would never have believed you! 


There is no way I could have gotten through the difficulties, trails and tribulations without the support, belief, and encouragement from my amazing friends and family, not to mention my clients without them none of this would have been possible. Forever grateful. 

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